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If your church name is common, please include your City in your Church Name. Ex. Springfield Baptist Church or First Baptist Church of Springfield.

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  • You may add screening questions to your posting to help identify the top candidates.
  • Use our applicant tracking features, including messaging applicants, adding notes to applicants, and forwarding applicants to other staff.

Please note that anyone can respond to a job posting, and the resumes in the SBCV database are provided as a free service to churches. Applicants responding to a posting are not vetted, certified, or approved by the SBC of Virginia or the Southern Baptist Convention. Local churches or cooperating ministries determine for themselves the acceptability of their chosen pastors and ministry leaders and are solely responsible for confirming the information supplied to them by applicants. The SBCV highly recommends being extremely thorough in the hiring process by examining applicants through the use of criminal background checks, credit checks, ministry history checks, reference checks, interviews, and other processes.